Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The last day of the year began
on a beautiful note;
a gorgeous sunrise to precede a 
warm winter day, followed by 
a poignant goodbye, fun with 
the neighbors and fireworks on a 
perfectly starry night.

catherinenglish 12-31-2013

Monday, December 30, 2013


You haven't lived until you 
have a chance to go to the Rowdy Beaver,
chic biker bar in Branson, Missouri
with one of your best friends, and have 
a beer and conversaton with other Husker fans,
from Iowa, no less.

catherinenglish 12-30-2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Anna and Jane came to my office
to see what I have surrounded myself 
with each day I'm at school, 
finally teaching at a university,
my hopes and dreams fulfilled,
much happiness after thirteen 
years of hard work and dedication.

catherinenglish 12-29-2013

This symbol means only one thing:
the greatest Cornhusker fan I know 
has arrived in Springfield, Missouri
all decked out in her Husker gear,
happy to be here and find this insignia
on a stop sign in Vintage Hills about 
two blocks from our house. 
Go Big Red!

catherineenglish 12-28-2013

Friday, December 27, 2013


What a joy to see my 
great niece, Emry, 
open her eyes even more, 
so we can see that she
indeed sees us
and knows us and is 
aware of her very
small world at 
Children's hospital 
in Omaha, Nebraska 
but also
her mom and dad
and big brother Wyatt. 

catherinenglish 12-27-2013

I have had to replace the candle
and the bells over the years,
but a lone berry candle as a 
centerpiece on my table is a 
reminder that one small light 
in a dark world is all we really neeed.

catherinenglish 12-26-2013

The sentiment on this
ornament is just right; 
Merry Christmas
with a hint of holly
and one red berry.

catherinenglish 12-25-2013