Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have never seen the Rock of Cashel,
but that is about to change as tomorrow 
marks the day we arrive in Ireland, 
two days after I listened to U2, music 
on my iPad that just popped up when I was
taking it out its militaristic shell of protection.

catherinenglish 06-11-2013


Packing my bags for the fellowship
trip to Europe with my colleague and
friend, Brenda Klawonn,
two teachers who will be in Dublin
on Wednesday morning, June 12.  

catherinenglish 06-10-2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Joseph Charles English turns three years old 
today, and how quickly the time passes,
once a ball of cuddliness and cooing, he is 
now crazy about Cars, Lightning McQueen, 
Doc Hudson, and To-Mader!

catherinengish 06-09-2013

Little Miss Rory with her grandpa,
enjoying her time to be held 
and snuggled while big brother is 
consumed by birthday happiness!

catherinenglish 06-08-2013

Friday, June 7, 2013


Each time I log into my blog,
I see this reminder from 
Julia Sullivan, and indeed,
I try, each day, to be a good one.

catherinenglish 06-07-2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013


This spider plant is the first plant we 
ever had, back in 1979, started from 
a "baby" from Jer's sister Cheryl's 
"mother" plant, a humongous plant, 
hanging from her cathedral ceiling
in the family room of her house 
in Fairbury. 

catherinenglish 06-06-2013

Springtime in June is my favorite 
time of the year because everything 
in our yard is in full bloom; there isn't 
any other time more glorious.

catherinenglish 06-05-2013

We have always had a ficus tree in our 
house and this one will make the trip to
Missouri as well, but I'm not sure 
where it will fit in such a small space.  

catherinenglish 06-04-2013

Ficus benjamina

My 53rd birthday left a lot to be desired,
an emotional downpour of grief and loss,
and second guessing what should be a great joy
and a sense of accomplishment after
thirteen years of hard work.  

catherinenglish 06-03-2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013


When Cindi got her English Setter, Jack,
she gave us several plants 
because puppy Jack, being rambunctious
in his back yard playground,
didn't recognize the beauty
of such lovely flora. 

catherinenglish 06-02-2013

Anna and I cried together in the late 
afternoon, after she packed more clothes,
donated her childhood books, and discarded
memories, pieces of her past, the place she 
called home, fleeting as quickly as life itself.

catherinenglish 06-01-2013

Our back yard smells glorious
in the spring, the scent of flowers
greeting several species of birds,
colorful displays of orange, black,
red, and brown, and such melodious 

catherinenglish 05-31-2013